Our Dashboards are designed to provide real-time reports and are an integral part of the Home screen, offering instant access to crucial data at a glance. Each WorkforceMgr user has the flexibility to personalise their Dashboard to align with their specific role and the analytics they need to monitor closely. This customisation ensures that every team member can track the most relevant information to their duties, enhancing productivity and efficiency across the board.

Dashboard Widgets

Each widget is crafted to provide specific insights quickly and efficiently, ensuring that you have all necessary information to make informed decisions. Customise your Dashboard today with WorkforceMgr and streamline your day-to-day operations while keeping a pulse on the metrics that matter most to your role. These include;

  • People In Work: View current headcount and rostered hours at a glance.
  • Real Time Shift Report: Monitor who is clocked in and punctual.
  • Staff Compliances: Keep an eye on expired and upcoming staff compliances.
  • Client Compliances: Track client compliance statuses, both expired and pending.
  • Leads & Opportunities: Visualise the sales activity funnel and track progress.
  • Onboarding/Registration Tracker: Monitor the progress of new staff through the onboarding process.
  • Bookings by User: See bookings sorted by which team member made them.
  • Bookings by Order Date: View bookings organised by the date they were placed.
  • Open Bookings: Track bookings that are currently open and unfulfilled.

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